Blue’s Story

To begin, it ends well.Blue likes to travel

But not all do. 60% of dogs who enter shelters are put down. In Canada, almost 1 million dogs per year are euthanized.

Blue was found in a garbage dumpster.

…Behind a pet store, that was going out of business.  Instead of trying to find homes for the pets, they were instead tossed into the garbage like used tissues. No thought as to their well-being or future.

Blue was one of the few that survived: he was lucky that, at the moment, a Tiny Paws volunteer walked by and rescued Blue.

Blue did not come out of this unscathed, but he is alive, loved and fed.  He has a home and people who love him.  Blue is safe.

But such is not the fate the many abandoned and unwanted pets.  And that is why holds Wienerfest Home County Festival; to raise funds and raise awareness, so no pet is needlessly hurt, harmed or killed.