North America's Largest Dachshund Festival

Wienerfest 2024 Home County Festival

June 22nd - June 23rd, 2024, Woodstock  Fairgrounds, Woodstock

Rain or Shine!

Make a difference in an animal's life!

Volunteer at Wienerfest 2024

We’re looking for volunteers, at least 12 years of age or older, with a passion for animals, a strong desire to serve, and positive energy!

By volunteering at Wienerfest 2024, you’ll be making a difference in countless animals’ lives! From the pets who come for a fun day out to all those who will be helped through the animal rescues we support, your time and effort will have meaning!

When: June 22nd - June 23rd, 2024.

Where: Woodstock  Fairgrounds, Woodstock, ON. Rain or Shine!

How: Call 519-933-0687 (after 4 pm) or email


How Do Volunteers Help?

Volunteers are the core of Wienerfest 2024! You can help in many different ways.

A lovely chocolate long haired dachshund

Setup & Teardown

  • Move items to designated location
  • Assemble items
  • Organize items
  • Ensure grounds are tidy

Guest Services & Entrance

  • Welcome everyone to the event
  • Take donations at entrance
  • Give pins if someone makes a $20 donation
  • Help direct people where to find things if asked
Dachshund after the race, cooling down.
Dachshund, ready to go!

Keep The Grounds Clean

  • Keep water bowls and poop bag rolls filled
  • Pick up garbage (and poop if any is not picked up by owners)
  • Keep tables near food trucks clean and empty garbage/recycle cans
  • Keep the grounds looking tidy

Parking Attendant

  • Make sure people use the correct entrance and exits when entering/leaving
  • Direct attendees to the event entrance
  • Pick up garbage in the parking area
Dachshund Parking Attendant
Dachshund at Lure Course

Pet Activities

  • Keep area tidy
  • Help with the pawprint paintings
  • Oversee ball pits – remove broken balls and put balls back in that come out
  • Help make sure pools have clean water in them

Games & Activities

  • Float between kid’s area, pet activities, and stage as needed
  • Help with judging contests
  • Make sure all materials needed are at the locations
Dachshund at the Marketplace

Make A Better World. Volunteer at Wienerfest 2024!

Community Service Hours.

As a student, you can get community service hours.

Help a Good Cause

You can help a good cause: helping homeless pets get a home and save them from harm.

Fun with...DOGGIES!!!!

Have a fun day, in the sun, with thousands of dogs, many wanting to say "Hello"!



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