Breeder Policy Regarding Puppies

The sale of puppies is not allowed at Wienerfest.

Breeders will be allowed a vendor space, set up a display and have adult dogs with them, but they will not be allowed to have puppies. The reasons for this decision are:

  1. Wienerfest Home County Festival supports responsible breeders and trust they will support this initiative. We encourage people that are looking to buy a puppy to find a responsible breeder and to take the time to research their options. Purchasing a puppy is a decision that must be carefully considered. We don’t need or want any more commercial breeders and/or puppy mills.
  2. Part of the process to evaluate a breeder is to visit the breeder and see the conditions the puppies are raised in. If puppies were allowed to be purchased at WF, this very important evaluation criteria would be missed.
  3. Buying a puppy is a commitment that must be seriously considered as you will have that dog for it’s entire life. It can never be an impulse decision.

Wienerfest is a fun event to celebrate the breed that we all love. But it’s also an event to promote responsible dog ownership and to build people’s awareness of pet rescue.

All the proceeds from Wienerfest Home County Festival go towards this cause.